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I can't say enough great things about Micaela. She has been the ONLY reason I continue with my personal training. Not only is she extremely patient, a great listener and very knowledgeable about weight training, she is a blast to work out with. She and I have a lot of fun and laugh a lot! But don't think she's a pushover-when it's time to get serious, she reminds you what you're there for. She has helped me overcome some mental blocks in regards to my abilities and I can't thank her enough. She's the best! Priceless!

– Kristy Best  


As a former college football player, I thought I knew a lot about weight training and Olympic-style lifts. Micaela has introduced me to countless new exercises that are far more beneficial and functional than my old routine. She quickly identifies weak areas and devises a comprehensive plan to improve them. Her routines are challenging and, without question, have improved my strength, endurance and performance. Her willingness to work around my demanding schedule is a bonus. I enthusiastically recommend Micaela to help anyone reach their fitness goals.

– Christian Gascou  


After having a baby I thought I could get back into shape on my own. However, after two years of my body still not being where I wanted it, I decided to hire Micaela. In just a few sessions, I learned so many ways to work out and started seeing results. She’s always introducing me to new exercises and things I can do when I’m unable to make it to the gym. Micaela’s workouts give me the energy I need to keep up with my two-year-old. It’s been an absolute treat working with her!

– Lisa Gascou  

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